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i-Review uses proprietary internet sentiment technology to provide independent product and service reviews and recommendations for consumers globally.


i-Review uses proprietary internet sentiment technology to provide independent product and service reviews and recommendations for consumers globally.

We are here to help you find the best products and services, from digital tools, fitness apps, household goods, freelancer to digital marketing and business efficiency productivity applications and software. We have built a community of reviewers worldwide who are passionate about products and want to share their recommendations with you.

Content and affiliate marketing is an act of communicating information through views, likes, and shares. Reviews help clarify questions and help users decide whether they need to keep reading. Content marketers create trustworthy information that can stand on its own two feet and promote meaningful relationships with customers, fellow industry professionals, and brand advertisers. Reviews help clients make informed decisions about the businesses, products and services they work with.

Reviews Are Valuable

Reviews Are Valuable

Social reviews are valuable. Consumers who share your brand are more likely to purchase from you again. They help you build trust and credibility for both yourself and your business. And, as a product or service marketer, you can use reviews as part of your overall sales strategy and work with i-Review as an affiliate marketing channel.

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Reviews Build a Trusted Brand

While you might not think of your brand as needing reviews, the more reviews you get, the better your overall reputation. Just check out how quickly Lenovo got pulled off Youtube after a few bad reviews, or how Amazon just got banned from Apple apps after getting many bad reviews. The more people who know about your business or product, the more options you have regarding choosing what type of service or product to purchase. The last thing anyone wants is for someone to take away their hard-earned money because they didn't get the best product they could have gotten.

Real people, not just brands, need reviews. Reviews help build a strong reputation for quality. If you don't put thoughts on your products or services, you place all of your faith in the goodwill of strangers who might or might not be objective observers. The result is a lack of confidence and a lack of trust in your products and services. On the other hand, reviewers bring credibility to your brand because they can be trusted to make a fair assessment of your work.

Why You Need Product Reviews

i-Review uses proprietary internet sentiment technology to provide unbiased product and service reviews and recommendations for consumers globally. We develop machine learning algorithms to collect review data from all over the web, including review sites, social media sites. We also look at SEO and web browsing behaviour and analyze that data with artificial intelligence. We use this data to provide product and service recommendations that are accurate across a wide range of content quality standards.

Social proof is a form of positive reinforcement used in all areas of business life. It comes from companies giving positive reviews to their customers. If enough people like and trust a product or service, the industry will subconsciously follow that lead. If you want more customers, you need to learn how to build credibility as a reputable company and give your products the respect they deserve.

When customers think about a product or service, they often have a strong opinion about it. They may even make decisions based on that opinion. But most of the time, customer reviews are taken out of context and don't fully represent the whole story. Yelp, for example, has a very loyal base but rarely discusses the reviews of restaurants or hotels. They focus instead on the stars, which may or may not correspond to quality.

I've always believed that the most critical tool for building a trusted brand is trusted reviews. Reviews help communicate what customers think about your business, product and service. Customers trust brands with their data, and reviews help validate that trust. They give voice to those who might not have a position of influence in your industry. They make customers more likely to share your ideas, ideas that could help you build a business.


What Reviews Help You Understand

Customer reviews have the power to influence consumer decisions and strengthen a company's credibility. Positive thinking can help a buyer or seller increase their confidence. In contrast, a negative review can help consumers see a business in a new light. Most importantly, reviews help define a brand persona — a company's image to its customers. In today's competitive business climate, reputation is everything—and customers want to know that when they buy from an authorized dealer, they're getting a quality product from an honest company. Customer reviews give business owners a way to communicate with consumers about the products they sell, giving brands an edge in search results and helping each other succeed in the ever-competitive marketplace.

There are dozens of reasons why customers must have a good experience when shopping online. Product pricing, shipping options, return policies, customer service and ease of use are just a few of the things that can affect a customer's decision to buy an item. One way to get a customer's attention is by writing a review of an item or service. Consumers are more likely to leave a review if they perceive the company involved to be helpful and courteous. If your company has a website, running a search for keywords related to customer reviews will bring up several websites devoted to providing positive customer reviews.

Every business needs to have a positive customer experience to succeed. That means having a positive customer experience with every customer you bring in, no matter how many times they return. In today's competitive marketplace, it is essential to have strong points of differentiation – and that starts with clearly communicating your value proposition. Your value proposition can be anything from simple to revolutionary. Each business and product must deliver value to lead customers into action - otherwise, they will not remain customers.

Customer reviews are a brutally honest way to let others know what you think about their product, service or business. It's been repeated time and time, but customer reviews are even more important than they seem. A 5-star product may have a one-star review. It doesn't mean the product is wrong - it means that person didn't enjoy their experience. A five-star product with a one-star review because it was shoddy will still set a customer straight and even help them decide to go with another product.

Reviews are the currency of the internet marketing world. As a business owner, you need to get your products in front of as many people as possible to make the right customers buy more often. When you get positive feedback on your products or services, those positive feelings result in even more customers. Positive reviews make you more visible in search engines, increasing your organic traffic and overall exposure. They make you more desirable to prospective customers, encouraging them to reach out and speak with you. And, they make you look more trustworthy — which leads to more sales.

Consider the power of online reviews for your online presence. When people have confidence in a business, they are more likely to do business with that business. One study found that, on average, companies with positive reviews receive 15% more leads than those with negative thoughts. A recent study by the University of Connecticut found that social proof also plays a role in how consumers feel about a product or service. When consumers encountered products or services that they believed to be good based on social proof, they were 20% more likely to choose those products or services over those that didn't have social proof.

If you want more customers, one of the best ways is to build your brand on the strength of your reviews. Reviews don't lie. They are a powerful form of advertising that can rapidly increase your exposure and credibility with consumers. Negative reviews are less effective because they often reflect on the entire company–not just the person who wrote the review. Positive thoughts, by contrast, are more likely to stick because they're based on actual customer feedback–not just the writer's opinion.

One of the most underutilized forms of marketing is customer reviews. These help you understand your customer better, resist frenzy, and provide helpful information for decision-makers at all levels. Doing a customer review can also boost your online reputation and increase sales. It takes just a few minutes to write a review, and feel free to share them with your peers. Everyone should at least be able to access and use them. These reviews can be submitted through any website or application that allows for user reviews. The key is identifying what is important to your average customer, then carefully crafting a study that addresses that needs.

Rest assured, consumers are doing your marketing for you - both online and offline. A recent study found that 90% of consumers will ask for help if they feel their company is not honest with them. Some companies are beginning to understand this and are introducing features including reviews and comments to build trust and credibility with their customers. The more reviews a brand has, the more likely people will trust it with their hard-earned money.

Your customer reviews are a powerful tool for attracting new leads and retaining loyal customers. They help you establish a good reputation as an expert in your field and act as a class promotion tool. Reviews aren't just for ensuring that your business is doing well -- they're a way to build credibility, encourage repeat customers, and even improve sales. You can use them to market new services and improve existing ones. Reviews can help communicate the value of your services, heighten expectations and drive purchases.

The best way to grow a business is to get great reviews. A decent review site will allow you to see what the majority of customers think about your company. You can take this information and use it to make decisions about how you run your business. Some customers may be more impressed by a 5-star review than a 1-star review. Other customers might be more swayed by a 3-star review than a 2-star review. Knowing how customers feel about your business will help you understand what services or products they Value Most and help you pinpoint areas for improvement.

Surveys, focus groups, and user feedback are potent methods for finding out what your customers think about your business. Before you begin collecting information, it's helpful to understand how to approach measuring customer satisfaction. This is easier said than done because while customer satisfaction can be measured, it's not always easy to put a number on it. Survey methods have limitations when used on a large scale; for example, if 100 people participate in a survey, only 50% of them will report their thoughts on the product or service.

Why is customer review critical? It helps identify problems early on in the development process so changes can be made to fix them. It also can help build a better reputation for a company, help boost employee morale and attract new customers. It is a powerful form of marketing that has the power to both boost sales and lower costs for companies. Here are some examples of how review can be used in marketing: A shopper reviews a product before purchasing it. A business reviews its competitors before deciding which products to advertise with. An employee reviews their manager before leaving for another job. This can lead to more positive relationships between all parties involved in a business.

Getting customer reviews is a powerful tool for marketing, especially if you're trying to sell a new product or services. People trust Yelp more than Amazon when dealing with customers, and word-of-mouth leads to more repeat purchases. Customer reviews can help you get the word out about a product or service. They can even motivate customers to share their opinions with others.

A customer review is the single most important form of online marketing. Without a good review, would you even be able to get a second opinion on a product or service? Customer reviews save everyone time and money because experienced professionals can't be wrong. They can bring valuable information to your company, including useful suggestions or improvements that could be implemented immediately. They are a powerful tool for shaping the reputation of your business online - as well as the reputation of the people who work for it

There are many benefits of customer reviews. Not only do they help you keep customers happy and informed about your business, but positive reviews also suggest to other customers that you are a trustworthy business. On the other hand, negative reviews can cast a long shadow over a company and deter potential customers from even visiting your site, which makes it challenging to attract new ones. Learn how to read customer reviews and write them to build trust with consumers around the world.

Why are reviews so critical? Customer reviews help you understand your customer in a more personalized way than any other form of communication can. They allow you to identify high-quality service, even if it's hard to see from the customer experience standpoint. When you have many reviews on your business, it suggests that a significant number of people are happy with your service.